Services offered by Irit Noble


40 minutes

Imagine a group of women sitting around discussing topics that mainly women can relate to, but perhaps men also need to know.

Things that women think about but never really express. That’s what The Woman’s Show does; it puts a new spin on the everyday issues that work/life balance brings with a hilariously funny and eye-opening performance about every-day topics that every woman deals with. Irit sings her comedic rewrites of well-known songs between recounting outrageous stories in her inimitably casual, conversational, comedic style. Women (and men alike) are all highly entertained and amused when they recognise themselves in these anecdotes and songs.

This show is just perfect for a Woman’s Day event, using comedy and real life stories and experiences to inspire and entertain, leaving everyone feeling a lot better about themselves.


45 minutes

The best in up-to-the-minute, tongue-in-cheek stand-up musical comedy in South Africa. Irit makes light of everyday challenges we all face at work, at home, as South Africans, as humans … We Will Survive! Office politics, love and home, South Africa drama in general. The show features parodies and tributes including big name artists and even movie hits woven together with stand-up comedy. In short, guests will be left gasping with irrepressible laughter. The show is current, comical and just pure brilliance.

About Irit Noble


Up to 4 hours.

Experienced, cool-headed and witty, Irit Noble relates to audiences across the board. An engaging, entertaining, and elegant MC, she has worked for clients including Nedbank, BBDO Spencer Stuart and the Cape Coast Chamber Of Commerce. Her MC duties can include music and comedy. You will not find a more multitalented, professional, and chic MC to carry out a perfect execution of your events program.


Up to 4 hours, including 20 minute show.

Irit Noble can offer both show and MC duties. By including custom tweaks of the routine, costume changes as well as brand / product / service inserts, she will turn  your entire event into the most memorable occasion imaginable. Guests will leave thinking an entire production was created for them alone.